Fadal machines

Machine Type
  • Founded as a family business in 1961, Fadal quickly expanded into a global leader in the creation of vertical machining centers, and following a closing in 2008, Fadal has returned to the machinery stage, strong as ever. Their goal of bringing to market an easy to use Faldal CNC machines of sound design and state-of-the-art technology was a success, and since their return they’ve also developed a heavy series, with large machining and turning capacity, making it desirable for the energy, off-road, aerospace and defense markets, and all while remaining true to their family owned origins. Don’t count out their older models though; Fadal machines are known for being durable, and Fadal continues to support and manufacture parts for their older machines—despite having been restarted as a company—making used Fadal machines quite desirable for anyone looking for a low cost, easy to maintain model.
    Fadal has always been known for its vertical machining centers, of which we at MMI have sold dozens. You can find these high quality machines, and many more, stocked in our inventory.