Finding the Right Used Doosan CNC Machine

  • About Doosan Machines
    Doosan, or Doosan Machine Tools, as the company was renamed in 2016, was founded in 1976 and is currently headquartered in Pine Brook, NJ. In 2005 Doosan purchased Daewoo, so used Pumas, Lynx, and Mynx can be found under both brand names. It offers a line of high precision metal cutting tools focused on vertical and horizontal turning centers, vertical machining centers (VMC) and horizontal machining centers (HMC), as well as gantry mills, bridge and boring mills, and 5 axis machining centers and multitasking machines. In the company currently has plants in the US and South Korea, and has service centers throughout North, Central and South America.

    Doosan Machine Tool Features
    Doosan CNC Machines hit the perfect middle point: more accessible than high-end Japanese models, but sturdier and more powerful than low end builds. Doosan machinery is known for its integral box guideways, heavy ribbed cast iron construction, and powerful motors.

    MMI's Used Doosan Inventory
    If you are considering the purchase of used Doosan CNC Machinery, MMI offers a large and constantly updated selection of high quality, used Doosan turning centers, machining centers, and mills. Used machinery offers you the benefits of Doosan quality without the high-cost new-equipment. Shop our Premium Doosan Marketplace for late model Doosans or search by model or machine type using the links below. 


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