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  • For decades Japan has been unmatched in the arena of high-end machine tools, and Okuma has led the charge through it all. As expected from high-end Japanese machines, Okumas match a versatile and intuitive coding interface with powerful tools, from lathes and machining centers to grinders and lasers. Even among their peers, Okuma is renowned for their excellent construction, putting out some of the sturdiest machines in the world. Obviously, all these boons aren’t without a cost—these machines won’t come cheap, and they’re not the easiest for a hobbyist to work with—but the performance they offer on each machine will pay off dividends for any shop able to shoulder the initial cost.

    Buyng a Used Okuma:

    Because of the price tag, used Okuma CNCs are a popular choice when looking for a quality machine that won’t break the bank. Okumas can last shops up to 40 years, and they’ve been at the top for a long time, so even a real dinosaur can serve you well as long as it was been maintained. Speaking of maintenance, Okuma offers customers one of the best support networks in the industry, having provided a 24/7/365 service line since 1993. They also boast a vast warehouse of spare parts, and their “zero obsolescence” policy means that they can deliver parts for even their oldest models, and all with one day shipping. Overall, when it comes to any machine they offer, a used Okuma is one of the best investments a shop can make.

    Okuma Lathe Models

    Okuma CNC Lathes Okuma Models
    Genos Series: Okuma Genos Lathes are designed to be easy to use with simplify cleaning, filtration and maintenance features, easy access spindle, a separate cooling tank, featuring Max Diameter 9.06" - 12.99"; Max Length 11.42" - 19.69" Genos L2000-E; Genos L250II; Genos L3000-E; Genos L400II
    LB Series: Okuma LB Series Lathes are designed to ensure minimal thermal growth and maximum rigidity featuring Max Diameter 16.14" - 18.90"; Max Length 19.69" - 29.53"; Can be configured with a wide variety of bore sizes and options including live tooling, sub spindles and Y axis LB3000 EX II; LB4000 EX II; LB35III; LB45III; LB2000 EXII;
    Multus Series: Okuma Multus Series Lathes feature diameters from 23.63"- 41.34"; Bed Lengths from 39.4" - 78.74" Multus U3000; Multus U4000; Multus U5000; Multus B200II; Multus B250II; Multus B300II; Multus B400II; Multus B550; Multus B750;
    LT Series: Okuma LT Series Lathes feature the optional 7, 8, 9, 11, or 12 axis, and an optional big bore spindle LT2000 Ex; LT3000 Ex
    LU Series:the Okuma LU Lathe Series features Max diatmeters ranging from 6.3" - 35.43"; Machining accuracy is aided by the Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept - a system that manages and compensates for temperature changes during production. These models have Available milling and big bore spindles. LU3000 EX; LU4000 Ex; LU35II; LU45II; LU S1600; LU7000 EX;
    VTM Series: The Okuma VTM Lathe Series features a max diameter that ranges from 25.22"-78.74", and the length ranging from 25" - 55.12" VTM 80YB; VTM 1200YB; VTM 2000YB; VTM 65; VTM 100;
    LAW Series: The Okuma CNC Turning Center features a turning diameter ranging from 24.41"-25.98" LAW 2S; LAW V24; LAW FII;
    2SP Series: The Okuma 2SP Twin Spindle Lathe Series features diamaters ranging from 5.91"-29.92", and lengths ranging from 3.15" -30.31" 2SP 150H, 2SP 2500H, 2SP V40, 2SP V760EX,
    LOC Series: The Okuma LOC Lathe Series features max diameter of 21.85"-25.59" LOC500, LOC650
    V Series: Okuma V Series Vertical Lathe features cutting diameters ranging from 15.75"-39.4", and cutting Lengths ranging from 17.72"-35" V40R, V760EX, V100R, V920EX