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turn your surplus assets into liquid cash

There is no easier, more reliable way to turn a single machine or an entire facility of manufacturing assets into working capital. We offer solutions for each unique situation, whether through cash purchase or a tailored sales solution. You will receive top market value and we will handle all logistics.

simple, effective options

  • Cash buy
    Quick and easy cash deals offering fair market value
  • online auction
    Quick inventory turnover and payment with no hassle
  • managed sale
    Proven and reliable solutions to maximize your return
  • asset trade in
    Offset capital gains through our tailored trade in program

simple, effective options

convert idle assets into new opportunity

As much as 20% of a Manufacturers production assets are no longer needed and whether they lack in time, resources or knowhow, these factors pose organizational challenges in managing the surplus. With exceptional service, proven strategies and total transparency, MMI will convert your surplus assets into 100% liquid cash and manage the entire process.

achieve your desired objectives

Leveraging our full scope of marketing services, proprietary technology, experience and understanding of your assets and the market, MMI will develop and implement an effective strategy to sell your surplus assets. Our tailored methods, paired with over 2 million targeted buyers worldwide, ensure exposure is maximized and the desired sales objective is achieved.

our proven process

  • process begins
  • campaign launch
  • sale complete
Identify, value and prepare surplus assets for sale
Craft and implement sales and marketing strategy
Capture, convert and close prospective buyers
Payment sent to the seller and machine is removed

Capabilities and services

Through our global reach, multichannel sales capabilities, and unparalleled scope of services, you can simplify the process of selling your surplus assets and get the maximum value out of your machinery.
  • Asset Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Asset Re-Marketing and Sales
  • Online / Onsite Auction Management
  • Liquidation / Consilidation Services
  • Global Consignment
  • Asset Valuation Services
  • Worldwide Logistics
  • Domestic Warehousing and Storage
  • Buyer Customer Support
  • Asset Financing and Leasing