DMG Mori machines

Machine Type
  • The result of a merger between acclaimed manufacturers Mori Seiki and Gildemeister, DMG Mori brings together Japanese and German engineering prowess to create some of the finest high-end machine tools in the world. Known traditionally for powerful and precise CNC lathes on par with fellow Japanese giant Mazak, Mori has recently branched out into the lower end market with its new EcoLine mill series, poised to compete with the likes of Haas. With such a range of makes and reputation for longevity, you can find DMG Mori in shops of any size, with some old Mori Seiki’s still chugging along decades after assembly.

    Their sturdiness has made the used DMG Mori a hot commodity—with proper maintenance it’s not uncommon to find a used Mori Seiki lathe operating for upwards of twenty years—so tracking one down may not be the easiest feat. Don’t be turned off by an older model, if you can find a used Mori in decent condition, you’ve got yourself a workhorse that any machine shop would be lucky to have.