Mitsubishi machines

Machine Type
  • Most famous for their automotive work, Mitsubishi is a staple of high end Japanese machine tools. Their most notable contributions to the field have been through their world class CNC control system—used most notably as the basis for Mazak’s conversational Mazatrol system—but Mitsubishi is also a competitive machinery manufacturer in their own right. While they have made quality CNC mills and lathes, their biggest niche is producing world class cutting machines, such as laser cutters and wire EDMs.

    Seeing as so many other brands are willing to turn to them for CNC controls, it should come as no surprise that the controls on the Mitsubishi brand are top notch. Getting acquainted with even an older model should be an easy adjustment, especially for the countless machinists who’ve already worked on their systems before. The company also offers training, support, and retrofitting services across four continents, and their status as part of a massive multinational corporation promises a secure future, making a used Mitsubishi CNC a solid investment.