Laser Cutting Machines for Sale

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Laser Cutting Machines improve the productivity and flexibility of many manufacturing processes. Today’s lasers cut metal materials with micron level tolerances and are used in manufacturing for high precision, metal cutting that produces no burrs or heat effects to the surrounding metal. The elimination of these secondary finishing steps boosts manufacturing productivity and facilitates the production of small intricate parts cut from a wide range of materials including aluminum, titanium, and steel. The advantages of using lasers for manufacturing can be seen in a variety of manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, military and defense, medical devices manufacturing, plumbing and more.

The market for lasers is constantly evolving, but manufacturers commonly use either CO2 Lasers or Fiber Lasers depending on their manufacturing requirements.

Carbon Dioxide lasers have been around for a while, but they offer some inherent advantages depending on your application needs. CO2 Lasers will deliver a better edge finish on thicker materials, and can manage a wide variety of applications, materials and cuts with relative ease.

Fiber lasers are generally faster and require less power to do the same job. Less energy means there can be cost savings when it comes your power bill. While they can cut thicker materials, they are most effective for thinner materials. Additionally, fiber lasers have fewer issues with back reflection damage.

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