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Haas machines

  • Haas, or Haas Automation as the company is formally known, is the largest U.S. manufacturer of CNC machine tools. Haas Automation began in 1983 with the roll out of the industry’s first fully programmable 5C collet indexer. Since then Haas has developed more than 100 different products to serve the widest net of needs within the world of metalworking tools. Because the owner of the company, Gene Haas, was a machine operator, Haas machines are designed from the operator’s perspective. As a result, these CNC machines are built for intuitive operation, are affordably priced, and are well designed. Beyond the quality of the machines themselves, Haas also offers their customers one of the finest support systems in the industry. A global network of specialized Haas service engineers is available to all owners, as well as 24/7 access to online manuals, diagrams, video tutorials, and more through their website.


    Because of their durability and widespread use, Haas CNC machines dominate the used CNC market. This abundance goes not just for used Haas machines, but for used Haas parts as well. Their popularity and intuitive CNC controls also mean that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a machinist who couldn’t learn how to work a Haas. A used Haas machine is typically a perfect fit for small to mid-sized shops.


    If you are looking for a used Haas for sale, MMI has a large selection of used Haas inventory that is updated daily. If for some reason you can’t find the specific Haas mill or CNC lathe or machining center you’re looking for, submit a machine wanted form and MMI will utilize our vast network to find the right Haas machine to fit your needs.

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