Trumpf machines

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  • Trumpf is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology, and electronics. With nearly 3.2 Billion dollars in sales made last year, the German company as an absolute powerhouse of machinery manufacturing, and through it all they’ve remained a private, family owned company for almost one hundred years. They achieved this success through quality engineering, especially in their famous laser cutters. They manufacture a variety of laser cutters for any needs, such as solid-state lasers, which use an incredibly focused beam to cut quickly through thin metals, or CO2 lasers, a more robust, durable,tried and true model for industrial laser cutting. They’re also known for their punching machines, with punching heads which can turn the tool to any angular position to minimize setup times and increases productivity.
    Machinery Marketing International regularly sells and stocks Trumpf laser cutters and other machinery, and are very familiar with their products. Please browse our selection of CNC tools and laser cutting machines for sale, or contact us if you have any questions regarding Trumpf or any other line of machinery.