Online Auction

To get the best price for your machinery assets, it takes time and expertise. Time is needed to prepare machinery, list your machinery, communicate with potential buyers, arrange inspections, logistics coordination, and the list goes on! Then, there is reaching the right buyers quickly and efficiently.

Maximum exposure means maximum return, and through MMI's network of dealers and partnerships along with our opt-in buyer subscriber base of over 150k - you can be confident that your listings will reach over 200k active, potential buyers. MMI’s turnkey solutions save time and money while reaching the right markets at the right time.

By Choosing MMI, Gain Access To:

Speed to Market: 

Robust, proprietary online auction platform

Fast distribution of your listings

Custom communications

Managed Buyer Base: 

Market reach of 150k+ subscribers 

International markets

Qualified buyers

Reduced time to sale

Integrated Account Management Teams: 

Dedicated sales support team

Integrated marketing team

Reliable logistics team

...All working together for you!

Efficiency in Services: 

MMI handles the details of inspection, rigging, and transportation management

International transaction services

Worldwide warehousing

Customer buyer support

Fast appraisal services

Asset re-marketing & sales